The Robert E. Howard

Studies Association


The Cleo Awards


two proposals presented by Frank Coffman

9 June 2001

to a group of Howardians assembled at

The Howard Days Celebration, Cross Plains, Texas



This proposal is that a loose association of enthusiasts for and scholars of the life and literature of Robert Ervin Howard be formed for the purposes of general and informal communication and the advancement of appreciation, understanding, and discussion of that life and literary legacy. It is further proposed that this association be called "The Robert E. Howard Studies Association" or "REHSA" in acronym.  And it is further proposed that at least one formal and official function of this association be the balloting (each ballot to be called a "nomination") for the annual CLEO AWARDS, presented to individuals in recognition of various achievements relevant to Robert E. Howard Studies.



Membership in REHSA shall be open to:

1) any active or former member of one of the REH amateur press associations (REHupa and REHeapa, currently -- and others that may be formed, but only upon a two-thirds majority vote of the current membership);

2) anyone who has formally published an article on the life and/or literature of Robert E. Howard in:

a) any established print journal that has or had a run of at least four issues, or

b) any published anthology or book on the subject of Robert E. Howard with a press run of more than 300 copies, or

c) The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies, or

d) any person who has both published at least four articles on the life and/or literature of Robert E. Howard on an internet web site, and has maintained said internet web site for at least a year and maintains the same at the time of their membership.

3) any person whom a majority of the current membership decide to invite into membership by a simple majority vote by a balloting of the current membership

4.  Membership is EXCLUDED to: any individuals whom a two-thirds majority of members of REHSA might decide by ballot either not to invite for membership OR to remove from membership.



The "Cleo Awards" (so named because of the chalk art deco bust of Cleopatra that seems to have been REH's favorite "objet d'art") shall be presented once and no more than once in any given calendar year (customarily at the Howard Day's event at Cross Plains, Texas in early June, or at some other significant event with reference to Robert E. Howard [for example: The 100th Anniversary of REH's Birth Celebration / Conference "in the works" for January 2006].

The categories initially proposed for this award are:


Lifetime Achievement


Fiction Studies

Poetry Studies

Professional Artist/Illustrator

APA/"Zine" Artist/Illustrator


The Rising Star

See List of Award Recipients for 2001 and a photo of an example award


IMPORTANT NOTE:  These awards are not intended to and do not represent a "winner" or "best of" in or for any given year.  They are simply recognitions by REHSA honoring "significant and excellent" accomplishments in REH studies and other areas relevant to the furtherance of the appreciation and understanding of the Life and Literature of Robert E. Howard and do not imply that others are not also or equally deserving of such honors in any given year.  Others nominated for each award will be listed and honored each year by their simple presence on the list of nominees.



1. The Lifetime Achievement Award, being the Association's highest honor, and being also representative (as the name implies) of a life of significant and excellent work in Robert E. Howard studies and related areas, may only be received once.

2. The Rising Star Award can only be received once -- again for obvious reasons.

3. The Professional Artist/Illustrator Award may only be presented once to any given individual.

4. All of the other awards may be received multiple times, but an individual may NOT receive the same award again until the third year after last receiving it.

5. The same individual may NOT receive more than one award in any given year.  In case balloting determines that a person earns a plurality of nominations in more than one category, the individual shall receive that year's award according to the following formula in descending order of importance:

a. In that area not previously awarded to the individual, unless there are two or more of these areas, in which case --

b. In that area not previously won by the individual in which the greatest plurality of ballots for the individual obtains.

c. In that area previously awarded but less/least recently awarded to the individual.

6. ALL persons nominated by ballot in EVERY category (each ballot shall be called a "nomination") will be mentioned as "also nominated and therefore honored" at the time of the awards.

7. The exact totals of ballots/nominations will be known only to a small committee, entrusted with the collection and counting.

8. This "Cleo Awards Committee" shall consist of 5 persons to be selected from among the current membership and shall be elected every third year according to the following formula:


a. One member will be selected by and from the membership of REHupa.

b. One member will be selected by and from the membership of REHeapa.

c. One member will be selected by and from the Board of Consultants and Reviewers for THE DARK MAN: THE JOURNAL OF ROBERT E. HOWARD STUDIES.

d. One member will be selected by and from the membership of Robert E. Howard internet discussion groups (currently rehinnercircle and rehfans), with the proviso that this member is also an active member in REHSA according to the guidelines above.

e. One member will be selected at large from among the total membership of REHSA At Large.


The members of the Cleo Awards Committee, once constituted, shall select their own Chair by simple majority vote


This committee shall oversee all aspects of the Cleo Awards: planning, announcements, collection of ballots/nominations, tabulating results, and preparing for the actual awards event.  This would include the procurement and/or preparation and transportation/shipping of the CLEO awards and the printing of announcements and certificates.


NOTE: Serving on this committee will obviously be more of a JOB than an "honor" or "position of power" in any sense.




1. The possible development of an informational web page and presence -- perhaps serving as a clearing house of information -- Maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date LINKS pages with connections to all significant (as deemed so by the membership) REH-related URLS.

2. Assisting Project Pride, Wandering Star, or any other REH-related endeavor deemed to be in keeping with the interests of the Association.

3. Promoting and helping to maintain avenues of communication and dissemination of information relevant to the advancement of REH studies and related activities and/or events.

4. Helping in any way possible with the achievement of a successful REH Centennial in 2006.

5. SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME_____________________________