CLEO Awards

Announced 9 June 2001

to a group of REH enthusiasts at Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas. 
Actual Awards Presented to Rusty Burke and Leo Grin who were present.


Lifetime Achievement:

GLENN LORD with Rusty Burke and Patrice Louinet honored by nomination.



RUSTY BURKE with Glenn Lord honored by nomination.


Fiction Studies:

DON HERRON with Rusty Burke, Marc A. Cerasini, Charles Hoffman, Patrice Louinet, Joe Marek, Rick McCollum honored by nomination.    


Poetry Studies:

STEVE ENG, with Rusty Burke and Frank Coffman honored by nomination.


Professional Artist/Illustrator:

FRANK FRAZETTA with Gary Gianni and Barry Windsor-Smith honored by nomination.   


APA/"Zine" Artist/Illustrator

RICK MC COLLUM with David Burton, Bill Cavalier, Jim and Ruth Keegan, and Mark Schultz honored by nomination.



MARCELO ANCIANO with Rusty Burke, David Gentzel, and Stephen Jones ( and Wandering Star as a group mentioned) honored by nomination. 


Rising Star:

LEO GRIN with Frank Coffman, Timothy R. Crowe, Larry Richter, Ben Szumskyj, and Steve Tompkins honored by nomination

(NOTE: and even Rusty Burke received a nomination for "Rising Star" -- Although I think his "star" has risen to the near-Zenith by this time.)

NOTE: The vision is to move beyond the humble trophies awarded for this first year of the concept to a miniature figure of the actual "Cleopatre" bust in the REH home, done in ceramic, or possibly even bronze, aluminum, or spelter, on a wooden base and with engraved placarding.