"Coffman Street" is a creative writing feature of THE CROSS PLAINSMAN, inspired by Robert E. Howard's life and literary achievement. I felt compelled to make use of the coincidence that the dirt road (the fact that it's a dirt road makes it even more appealing from my perspective) running past the west side of the Howard home in Cross Plains is also known as "Coffman Street."
by Frank Coffman

There was, in him, a stirring of the blood,
  Awakening of native memories,
So that the words poured forth in fabulous flood
  About dark craggy landscapes, savage seas;
About barbaric realms and golden days
  Splashed with red carnage and the power of fist
Made crystal in quick prose and lyric lays.
  There was in him a lifting of the mist.

And, as his fingers flew among the keys,
  From Underwood to Otherworlds they flew:
Tales about those who drank life to the lees,
  Talespinning tall, until live legends grew.

And then--too soon, too young--the pyre desired,
He deemed all fled, all done
                     --and the lamps expired.

2000 by Frank Coffman / all rights reserved