David F. "Scotty" Henderson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1944, the son of a Royal Tank Commander who gave his life in battle in Holland. His mother, sister, and he emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1954, and he has lived in Canada since. After studies at UBC, he worked in professional photography sales and marketing before moving to video and electronics in 1988.

Aside from his avid interest in soccer (he played until past 50) and his accomplishments as an amateur photographer of considerable skill, he began early in life a great interest in the work of Robert E. Howard, especially with the character of Conan, the eventual cinema versions, Howard in general, and the work of illustrators of the REH material.

He has accumulated a great collection of Howard material including some very rare pieces and has been working with fellow REHupans Glenn Lord and David Gentzel on an updated Howard bibliography. As part of this project, he has been working on scanning Howard‰s work into a growing digital archive. He is extending his own personal studies in literary criticsm with special interests in biographical criticism and the nature of those qualities of a work of literature that make it not only appeal, but last. Another work in progress is a Frank Frazetta art bibliography. Scotty is also beginning to write fiction.

As his mother was a Highlander, he believes he has more than a simple affinity with the writer whom Glenn Lord has called "The Last Celt."