Fred Blosser's first article about the fiction of Robert E. Howard, "Howard's Cannibalizing," was published in the Autumn 1970 issue of Glenn Lord's THE HOWARD COLLECTOR. Fred has written for four generations of Howard journals and fanzines in the past thirty years, and was a regular contributor to SAVAGE TALES, THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, and other Howard-oriented comic magazines in the 1970s, early '80s, and early '90s during Roy Thomas' editorship at Marvel Comics.

Fred also "completed" two unfinished Howard fragments, "The Mystery of Tannernoe Lodge" (LORD OF THE DEAD, 1981) and "Death's Black Riders" (FANTASY BOOK, 1984). He hopes that Howard's shade isn't too displeased with the results.

Outside the Howard sphere, Fred has contributed articles, interviews, and criticism to THE ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE, AMRA, MYSTERY SCENE, THE DARK SIDE, and CRYPT OF CTHULHU. He is a columnist for the "Mystery Scene" page on