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Robert E. Howard

Welcome to my online archive of
The Cross Plainsman:
A Collection of Robert E. Howard Studies.

The Cross Plainsman is published every two months in its initial print publication as a Member Journal in the Official Mailing of REHupa: The Robert E. Howard United Press Association .

This web-available collection is associated with Mind's Eye HyperPublishing
and The Weird Criticism Initiative [the former is my name for the work I do in web and print publishing; the latter is as yet an embryonic concept, but essentially a planned consortium of scholars involved in the investigation of WEIRD TALES and related pulps and their contributing writers--dedicated to the investigation of popular imaginative literature and using both conventional/traditional and "weird"/innovative critical techniques].

of the CROSS PLAINSMAN issues available for download in .pdf format
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in the LEFT MARGIN to begin a download.

Volume 2000, Number 1
"Cross Plains, Crossed Planes, and the Nature of Fantasy" - essay
"Some Notes on Howard's Poetry and the Poetics of Popular Literature" - essay

Volume 2000, Number 2 - Part 1
People of the Howard Circle
[feature on REH's fellow Weird Tellers and more]

     "A Letter from Ech Pi El to Klarkash Ton:
     Lovecraft's Library, 'The Tale of Liberation,' and More" - essay

Volume 2000, Number 2 - Part 2
Coffman Street #1 [creative writing feature]
     "REH" - a sonnet by Frank Coffman

Volume 2000, Number 3
Poet of the Post Oaks [REH poetry studies feature]
     "Robert E. Howard and the Sonnet: Part One" - essay

Volume 2001, Number 1
Coffman Street #2 [creative writing feature]
     "The Future Howard Reader" - poem by Frank Coffman

Volume 2001, Number 2
"The Promise of Spear and Fang: A Close Reading and
Commentary on Robert E. Howard's First Sale" - essay
"Robert E. Howard and the Sonnet: Part Two, The Experimental Sonnets" - essay

Volume 2001, Number 3
"The Women of the Sonnets of Robert E. Howard" - essay
Coffman Street #3 [creative writing feature]
     "Decision" - a sonnet by Frank Coffman

Volume 2001, Number 4
"Wonder and Wanderlust: Exotic and Historic Places
in the Sonnets of Robert E. Howard" - essay
"Some Thoughts on Howard's Suicide: Act of Desperation or Reasoned Choice?" - note

Volume 2001, Number 5
"Two Proposals: The Robert E. Howard Studies Association (REHSA)
and The Cleo Awards" - proposals
"Proposal for a Cross Plains/Brownwood Discovery Project" - proposal

Volume 2002, Number 1
"By the Numbers" (Part One):
Stylometrical/Themetrical Analysis Applications to the Writings of Robert E. Howard

Volume 2002, Number 2
"By the Numbers" (Part Two):
Stylometric and Themetric Approaches and Initial Hypothesis for Application
to the Literature of Robert Ervin Howard

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