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WELCOME to the online home of The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies.

The Dark Man is a scholarly journal devoted to study, discussion, and criticism of the literary work of Robert Ervin Howard (1906-1936). As a working premise for the journal, we believe that the breadth, depth, and significance of Howard's considerable literary achievement and his literary influences -- both during and since his brief life -- are worthy of serious attention and richly deserve a scholarly forum. The journal's purpose is to provide that forum for Howardian and related studies.

THE DARK MAN will be published henceforth (issue #5 and following) by a not-for-profit publishing enterprise established for the purpose of print publication of the journal and only such other matters that are strictly related to that endeavor. A current, full, and open accounting of the revenues and expenditures of that enterprise will be distributed at the time of publication for each issue to the membership of the group of Reviewers and Consultants for the journal referenced in the list near the bottom of this page. The rates below are inclusive of postage. Please direct any questions to: [email protected].

The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies

Issue #6, Summer 2001
Is available for single copy purchase or as part of a subscription start-up
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List of Contributors and Contents

Fellow Enthusiasts and Scholars of the Work of Robert Ervin Howard,

A preview of content for Issue #6 of the reinvigorated and semi-annually-published THE DARK MAN: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies is as follows (alphabetical by contributor's last names):

Rusty Burke, Patrice Louinet, & Edward Waterman, "THE LAST CELT REH Letter Citations"

Frank Coffman, "Notes on Two Versions of an Unpublished Poem by Robert E. Howard"
with an included and relevant piece: "Spartacus to the Gladiators at Capua" by Elijah Kellogg, Jr.

Dr. Charles Gramlich, "The Lives and Deaths of Three Writers: A Speculative Essay on London, Howard, and Hemingway"

Dr. Mark Hall, "REVIEW of Kutourž Shinwa Jiten by Higashi, Masao. [Dictionary of the Cthulhu Mythos]"

Patrice Louinet, "A Short History of the Kull Series"

Steven Tompkins, "There's a White Wolf on the Ottoman, Or, Another Revolt in the Desert"

The contents for Issue #5 [NOTE: There are copies of this issue left for single copy sale or start-up of subscription]THE DARK MAN: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies is as follows (alphabetical by contributor's last names):

Fred Blosser, "When Kull Rode the Range"
Rusty Burke, "All fled, All done"
Frank Coffman, "Editor's Welcome," (and brief explanations of the two Letters sections: "The Cairn," and "Lock Box 313")
Charles Hoffman, "Escape from Eden: Genesis Subverted in 'The Garden of Fear'"
Gary Hoppenstand, "Soldiering for Fortune: Robert E. Howard's Kirby O'Donnell and 'The Treasures of Tartary'"
Glenn Lord (with discussion by Coffman) A Previously Unpublished Drawing by REH.
Gary Romeo, "'The Tower of the Elephant': A Modern Fable"
(and a related sidebar of info on "James Allison's Incarnations" by Joe Marek)
Edward Waterman, "Dating 'Wolfshead'"
Fred Blosser, "REVIEW" of Ghor Kin-slayer
The announcement of not one but TWO letters sections: "The Cairn" and "Lock Box 313"

Per copy prices and subscription rates to THE DARK MAN: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies are as follows:

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Overseas foreign subscribers and patrons who are already on the books may disregard this rate structure.You will receive Air Mail postage for the remainder of your initial subscription/patronage and need not send any additional.

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Make checks or money orders payable to "Frank Coffman" with a memo for "The Dark Man" or "The Howard Journal" and send to:
The Dark Man
Frank Coffman, Editor
899 N. Shady Oaks Drive #6
Elgin, IL 60120

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Gratis Copies: The members of the panel of Reviewers and Consultants will receive one (1) gratis copy of each issue of the THE DARK MAN. Successful contributors to the journal will receive three (3) gratis copies of any issue(s) in which their work appears. A few select college/university and city libraries will receive gratis copies. Both the Modern Humanities Research Association and the Modern Language Association will receive a gratis copy as fulfillment of the requirements for listing in their bibliographic indexes.


Issues 1 through 4 have been published by Necronomicon Press at irregular intervals. Pre-eminent Howard scholar Rusty Burke edited the first four numbers of the journal, establishing THE DARK MAN as the publication indicated by it's subtitle: "THE Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies." The present editor hopes to continue in that tradition, reinforcing the position of the journal as the foremost conduit and forum for Howardian scholarship.

The archival in digital form of back issues of TDM (numbers 1 through 4 and all subsequent numbers) is pending approvals by the various contributors to these respective issues. Once all or part of this content is cleared for digital publication, the specifics regarding access to the material (free access, subscription access, or a combination of both) will be determined,

We are close to finishing the details for bibliographic inclusion in both the Modern Language Association Bibliography and in the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL) published by the Modern Humanitites Research Association.

ISSUE 7 near completion/ISSUE 8 early 2003 / ISSUES #7& #8 both issues for2002 will be out before March 2003 with #7 ready by the end of 2002/ Mailing in January.

Effective in 2003, the due dates will be July 15th for the Summer number and January 15th for the Winter number of the journal each year.

Articles, notes, reviews, and letters relevant to the foci of this journal will be given serious consideration through a process of formal review. We are looking for original work, previously unpublished in the form submitted [NOTE: The only exception to this would be to material published specifically for REHupa or for any other Amateur Press Association in which content relevant to Howardian studies might appear where the circulation is limited to fewer than 50 people]. We are seeking First North American/First International Serial Rights. We will also request permission to archive the digital version of the submitted work in a password-protected, subscriber-only archive of past issues. All other rights to remain with the author.

NOTE ON DIGITAL ARCHIVAL: Variances from the digital archival of accepted work, either in the form of password-protected and subscribed-access archives or other restrictions regarding digital archival may be negotiated. First Serial Rights for print publication in the official print form of THE DARK MAN are non-negotiable. It should be pointed out that many advantages attach to digital archival, including the possibility of presenting the article in some "hyper-essay" form (thus making more complete use of the power of hypermedia), the possibility of linking to a contributor's own site or home pages, the possibility of linking to secondary texts or web sources referenced in the article, and -- in the case of public domain literature -- the possibility of linking to e-texts of works being discussed.

ARTICLES will be defined as submitted scholarly essays of more than 3000 words.
NOTES will be defined as submitted scholarly essays of fewer than 3000 words.
REVIEWS of relevant books or films may be submitted for consideration and should be no more than 3000 words.
LETTERS should be no more than 1500 words.

Articles, Notes, and Reviews should be formatted according to the style conventions of the Modern Language Association (MLA Style). [There are many good overviews of MLA Style on the Web]


We encourage digital submission of all material, either as an attachment to e-mail or mailed in on disk. This greatly assists in page composition for both the printed journal and the eventual digital archive. It also greatly facilitates the reviewing and editorial processes and helps to reduce the chances of textual error. Digital files should be submitted in either Rich Text Format (rtf) or in Adobe's Portable Document Format (pdf) to keep formatting. Send e-mail attachments to: [email protected]

Any photographs, charts, or diagrams supportive of text submitted should also be sent digitally as e-mail attachments if possible and saved as EPS or JPEG or GIF. Larger image files might have to be submitted on disk -- either standard floppy or ZIP drive.

A limited number of pieces of creative illustration and/or decorative art will be accepted for each issue, the focus being primarily upon the textual content. Artistic renderings of Robert E. Howard himself and artistic work based upon Howard's literary creations will be accepted for consideration. Artists interested in the possibility of creating work thematically based upon already-accepted textual content for any given issue are encouraged to inquire. Creative decorative illustration would be welcome submissions as well: page headers or footers, section dividers, initial capitals, logos, dingbats, etc.

Print copy submissions are also accepted and may be mailed to:
Frank Coffman, Editor
The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies
899 N. Shady Oaks Drive #6
Elgin, IL 60120


Frank Coffman
Associate Professor of English and Journalism
Division of Composition and Literature
Rock Valley College
3301 N. Mulford Road
Rockford, IL 61114

(in alphabetical order)

Fred Blosser
Rusty Burke, Editor Emeritus
Frank Coffman, Rock Valley College
Stefan Dziemianowicz
David Gentzel
Dr. Charles Gramlich, Xavier University of Louisiana
Leo Grin
Scotty Henderson
Don Herron
Charles Hoffman
Morgan Holmes
Dr. Gary Hoppenstand, Michigan State University
Patrice Louinet
Joe Marek
Larry Richter
Dr. Garyn Roberts, Northwestern Michigan College
Steve Tompkins
Steve Trout


LINKS to Selected Robert E. Howard Sites

Other Links Pending -- Suggestions Welcome.


Notes 1: The picture of Robert E. Howard at the top of this page is a shadow-eliminated, contrast-adjusted image done by Larry Richter on the classic half-profile photograph of REH. The original photo was back-lit so that dark shadows appear on the brim of the hat and distort the true features of Howard. We are pleased to present this fine rendering of what is most likely a much more accurate image of the subject of our endeavors. Please contact the editor or Larry Richter directly regarding this enhanced photo or with questions regarding permissions. [© Larry Richter 2000, all rights reserved]
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Note 2: All images appearing in the online versions or archives of THE DARK MAN which are not in the public domain or clipped from public domain images (i.e. original work or artistic renditions of public domain originals) will be given an invisible digital "watermark" for tracing and proof of copyright violations or infringements of permissions.
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