Dwelling in

 Number 2   June 2001
Dwelling in Dark Valley, an e-zine conceived and produced by Patrice Louinet
for the Robert E. Howard Electronic Amateur Press Association (REH-EAPA) .
Entire contents © 2001 - Patrice Louinet

    Editorial notes:
        First of all, welcome to new members Jeffrey Elmquist, Paul Herman, Josep Parache and Gary Romeo! I know the "Three Musketeers" were in fact four, but it seems we have become the "Magnificent Seven" instead... Onward for the "Dirty Dozen"!

        Frank and Rusty: I particularly enjoyed your contributions to the first issue of this new electronic forum. By the time the third one appears, I am about convinced I will have mastered the subtleties of Internet-formatted documents and won't be caught by the Dreaded Deadline Doom; this way I will be in a position to offer more substantial comments. I did enjoy your efforts, though.

        As promised in Dwelling in Dark Valley #1, this second installment is also mostly biographical in nature, and will probably be subject to some controversy. Comments and criticisms are welcome. (By the way, I would like to thank Steve Trout, who pointed out to me that Slasher, in "Beyond the Black River", is not "Balthus' dog". I stand corrected.)

                    This being said, there only remains for you to                                Jump to the essay